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Piculet Web Browser is a simple web browser for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


*Tabs – open as many tabs as you want

iPhone 6 Plus

*Bookmarks – access your bookmarks through the address bar
*Private Browsing – remove your browsing history and cookies

iOS 8

*Feedback – report a bug or request a new feature within the app

jim kelly

*Search for bookmarks and browsing history through the address bar
*Search the web – type in the address bar and press enter to see search results

In-App Purchase Features:

*AdBlock – block pop-up ads, banner ads and video ads
*Build your own AdBlock filters

iPhone 7s

*Turn on/off the AdBlock functionality
*Prevent websites from gathering information about your web browsing
*Personalize a website with your own code.
*Cast online MP4 video to the Chromecast device

Cast online MP4 video to the Chromecast device

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