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QuiltSandwich : Fabric Calculator

How much fabric do I need for my design?

QuiltSandwich figures the fabric needed for all the layers of your quilt sandwich! Calculate the yardage needed for your quilt design using only finished size and the number of pieces. Cutting diagrams for each piece make it easy to get the most out of your fabric. Buy the app just once because it will work on BOTH your iPhone and your iPad.

QuiltSandwich was conceived by a quilter who wanted to put away yardage and formula charts and just create. Four tools and a handful of utilities allow you to do just that—to bring your design into reality with NO MATH!


• Input fabric width, finished size and the number needed for each piece by spinning an easy-to-use wheel.

• Tap to view the cutting diagram to see how to cut the fabric. If you don’t like what you see, make changes or adjust allowances and take another look. Cutting instructions can be printed or emailed.

• Calculations are performed for squares, rectangles, triangles, borders (yes, even mitered!), binding (straight and biased), backing (horizontal and vertical seams), and batting.


• Organize information for each quilt project into a nice at–a-glance summary. Just tap an item for details about the piece and its fabric.

• Use the Journal to make notes and save pictures about the quilt — or record plans for a future quilt.

• View color mix to help visualize the colors in the quilt top and see the percentage used.


• Carry your stash with you! A quick photo is all it takes to get started.

• Compare fabrics in a panel or close-up in a side by side view.

• When a fabric is assigned to a piece, the app will note how much is used….and let you know if you will run short or have fabric left for another project!


• Maintain a shopping list for trips to the fabric shop.

• Check off items or move them out of the way.

Plus these handy utilities:

• Triangle Designer – Tells you how big to cut corner and setting triangles for a diagonal quilt set. Custom-design unusual right-triangles then input the finished size of a custom triangle into the yardage calculator to generate cutting instructions.

• Ruler – Quick measuring to the full dimension of the screen.

• Size It! – Enter the desired size for the quilting design or appliqué pattern to find the percentage to enlarge or reduce.

• Reference Tables – Mattress sizes, common batting sizes, conversion tables from yards to inches, decimal equivalents, inches to millimeters and yards to meters.

• Share – Take your quilt designs and shopping lists wherever you go. Move a project wirelessly to a friend’s iPhone or iPad. Back up to iTunes and never lose a design.

A FREE ORIGINAL QUILT PATTERN, Jewel Box Quilt. It can help you explore the app – or be your first QuiltSandwich project.

Need to carry your fabric stash with you?
It’s easy — snap a photo and if you want, make a few notes.

Want to use a fabric more than once?
It’s easy — the shopping list tallies up the total amount you need to buy AND keeps track of how much you have left.

Do you pre-wash and want to buy extra fabric for shrinkage?

iPhone 6 Plus

It’s easy — specify the extra amount you wish as an allowance and the yardage calculator will add in the extra fabric to purchase.

Working with flannel and want to use a ½” seam?
It’s easy — specify the seam allowance and the yardage calculator will adjust.

Steve Jobs

Need to stay within a budget?
It’s easy — when shopping for fabric input the price per yard to keep a running total.

• Changed app name to QuiltSandwich from EZQ Studio.


• Journal updated to add putting photos into the quilt narrative.
• Enhanced Archive so that quilt designs can also be shared over email.

iPad Air 4

• Improvements made to triangles and fabric orientation.

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