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"Supercharge the way you set reminders on your iOS devices."

”It’s easy to create to do lists and reminders, but remembering to check them can be tough. That’s where RemindMeAt comes in handy.”
iOS App Lists

”Yes, the built-in Reminders app on iOS (or OS X) can do location-based reminders as well, but RemindMeAt offers more options and flexibility.”

”This app can be vital for the folks who are a little forgetful and always find it hard to keep specific notes remembered.”
Dhvanesh Adhiya (Best Apple Watch Apps)

"if you’re one of the lucky folks who are picking up the Apple Watch first thing on April 24, you’ll be able to (and definitely should) download RemindMeAt."
Katelan Cunningham,

RemindMeAt – your digital stickies

• Access your notes quickly when you arrive at a destination with RemindMeAt.
• Write a note with passcodes, discount number at a store or any information that is hard to remember and hard to find. Add a location to the note and RemindMeAt will show you the note just when you need it.

With RemindMeAt you can:


• Create a note with a location
• See your notes in Today iPhone widgets or Apple Watch Glances.
• Schedule notes to show on specific week-days only.
• Add phone number to a note and call directly from the note

iPhone 6

• Use multiple location to one note
• Store multiple notes to one location
• Save all notes on your phone

We support Apple Watch:
• Review notes with your watch quickly;
• Glance will show remind you with a note for your current location

• The app is standalone and requires no additional subscriptions. Be careful about storing sensitive information in your phone. If your phone is lost or stolen, someone unauthorized might have access to your information. Always use passcode to your phone.

• Contact info: [email protected]

*While checking user’s location changes, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Thanks for using RemindMeAt! New in this update:

* Sharing of notes
You can now share notes with your friends. Select one or more notes and share them as xml-attachment via email. After receiving a RemindMeAt attachment, you can review the notes before saving them in your app.

iPhone 6 Plus

Sharing of notes will make it possible for you to share location based information with your friends available to them just when needed.
Sharing function can also be used as a simple backup of your notes.

* Updated location search with map
Search for location view is now showing the location on a map for easier positioning.

* Improved user experience
Minor changes to improve labels and messages in the app for better user experience.

* Bugfixes
Improved parsing of phone numbers to support international numbers.
Improvement of notification when used in combination with weekdays function.
Fix for new notes showing incorrectly on the location where it was created.

mark lecras

Yes/no button in Apple Watch interface is removed.

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