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Reverse Phone Lookup for Mobile

When it comes to data, we believe there are some things you should and shouldn’t do. That’s why we only use our data for good. It’s the reason we make products that alert you to scams, let you block unwanted numbers and help you verify a customer’s identity before you do business with them. Our data is here to help you out.

We’ve protected people from over a billion suspicious calls.



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1. What information is collected by third parties?

Third parties may collect information during your visits to our websites and use of our mobile products and services. Such information includes searches you perform (e.g., category of business, location) and general information about you (e.g., browser type, mobile device type, unique user ID, mobile carrier, IP address, date and time of your visits, locality, pages viewed). Certain products and services may collect specific information such as your name, phone number, IP address, etc., but unless you provide specific details about yourself, information collected by such third parties will generally be limited to non-personally-identifiable information.

2. How is information collected by third parties?

Third parties may collect information by using cookies, web beacons, performance-measuring phone numbers, or GPS information. A cookie is a small file that contains a unique ID tag and stores information (e.g., pages visited, information voluntarily provided). A web beacon is a small graphic file used to identify if a page has been viewed. A performance measuring phone number involves collection of call-related information such as originating phone number and call duration. GPS informationmay include city, state and other information when you use our products or services on a GPS-enabled mobile device.

3. Why do these third parties collect information?

Third parties may collect information in order to (i) deliver relevant online and mobile advertising to you both on and off our sites; (ii) help us provide or analyze usage and effectiveness of our products and services; and (iii) for their own business purposes (e.g., such as to report aggregate, non-personally identifiable information about the use of their services and technologies).

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