Riff the Robot | Best Apps and Games 24 April,2019

Riff the Robot

Fling, bounce and boost your way around this blast through time! You must collect Dr. MC’s lost marbles to save the universe in this eye popping adventure of speed, timing, skill and luck!

"Riff the Robot" combines the puzzle gameplay of a bubble shooter with the punchy excitement of a pinball game. Riff’s unique Side Thrusters give you total control to send him firing off slingshots, sticking on magnets, slipping around speed slides, bouncing off bumpers, and a whole lot more!

Super Awesome Features:

• Simple to play, difficult to master
• 80+ levels of awesome
• Loaded with eye candy
• Tons of marbles to collect
• Earn stars to open bonus levels
• Unique power ups for crazy possibilities

iOS 9

• Points multiplier for super scores
• Leaderboards to see your friends time travels
• Game Center Achievements
• Sync between all devices using Facebook and/or Game Center
• Time Travel to the 70’s, 80’s, and beyond!



• Totally Awesome. Totally FREE!

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• Lots of level improvements to better introduce gameplay mechanics
• Much faster level restarts
• Gates now open when you’ve collected enough marbles

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