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Scribble – Notes & Draws

Scribble – Notes & Draws is the best tool to make quick notes on the go. It can be used also to finger paint, make sketches or play with children. The program is clean, well done and surely belongs to the handful of must-have applications for the iPhone.

Whether you need to quickly write something down (phone, name, idea, etc.) or to handwrite a message to somebody, Scribble – Notes & Draws is for you! It may not suit professional drawers, but those who want to draw something for fun or with children will do for sure.

Main features:

– neat user-friendly interface
– pen/brush and eraser modes

iOS 9

– choose from 6 predefined pen colors or pick any other using standard RGB color sliders
with color preview.


– choose from 8 predefined backgrounds (three types of notebook sheet, school board, yellow and blue sticker, rainbow cardboard and white screen) or choose your own picture
from the photo library.
– support of portrait and landscape oriented background pictures.


– save new pictures to your photo library.
– feedback screen, where you can write your wishes and ideas for us to implement in the upcoming versions of the application.

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– minor improvements

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