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SewingKit HD

Welcome to Sewing Kit HD v3.02!

This version has been almost completely re-written to upgrade the look and feel for iOS7 as well as to kill all the bugs I could find.

The perfect HD place to track everything in your sewing world!

Keep track of your…

Patterns –
Track all of the information you need about your sewing patterns. Link as many photos as you want and tie patterns to your projects. Automatic download of envelope images from Simplicity, McCalls, Vogue, Butterick and more! Scan bar codes and add patterns quickly and easily! (Please note: Sewing Kit HD can only download images that are publicly available on the manufacturers’ websites. Not all companies share back of the envelope images)

Fabrics –
Keep track of your fabric stash. Keep as many photos as you want and link the fabric to your projects!

People –
Keep a list of people you sew for along with their measurements, date of the measurements, and link them to projects!

Threads –


Track your thread stash! Scan bar codes and add threads quickly and easily! Link threads to your projects and keep as many photos as you want!

Books –
Store your book library in Sewing Kit HD. Scan bar codes to get cover images and some basic information about the book, or enter them yourself. Either way, crete as many photos as you want for your books!

Notions –
Never buy a duplicate notion again! Keep your stash handy! Scan bar codes and enter notions with images easily, or enter them yourself! Notions are also able to be linked your projects!

Equipment –

daytona international speedway

Keep track of your equipment in Sewing Kit HD too! Photos, notes, details… its all here!

Inspirations –
As you find things that inspire your sewing, track them here – websites, stores, whatever sparks your imagination! Automatically grab a screenshot of a web page that peaks your interest!

Projects –
Completely revamped for HD – link to People, Patterns, Fabrics, Threads and Notions. Track your progress and take all the photos you want about your next great work!

Trim –
Keep track of your lace, satin, polyester and more! Whatever adornments you have in your inventory. Store the amount, type, width, where you bought it, how much it cost, and more!

– Fixed the startup crashing problem
– Fixed wrong link on "Threads" for iPad mistakingly going to "Equipment"

iPhone 7

– Fixed search bar on iPads for "Patterns"

iPhone 7s


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