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Can’t focus? Concentrate with SoundShade – pleasant sounds to replace the distracting noises around you.

Choose from an existing template or create your own SoundShade by freely combining any of the 26 included sounds (Available as In-App Purchase). This unique application allows you to virtually place the sounds in your surroundings.

We recommend headphones for the true surround sound experience but the app can also be used without them.

Everything you hear in SoundShade has been carefully handcrafted based on the existing research about the effect of noise on work performance; such as reading, writing and numeric tasks. This makes for effortless listening allowing you to work calmly and be less fatigued when listening to the sounds you choose.


SoundShade 1.0 Features

* Listen for hours
High-quality seamless sounds for effortless listening. No internet required.

* Templates
26 carefully crafted sounds are organized into ready-to-listen templates. Each sound has been designed with comfort in mind, allowing you to better focus on your studies and work.

* Favorites
Name, save and load your personal SoundShades.

* Research-based sound design
The design of the sounds is based on research about how unwanted noise causes a drop in working performance.

* Binaural Surround Sound with headphones (HRTF on iOS 8)

iPhone 6s Plus

Move the sounds around you 360 degrees to find the perfect positions.

* Spatial sound
Volume and Distance of the sounds are linked, giving a more natural sound.

* Optimized for headphones
Many models of headphones were testing during the sound mastering process to give the best overall quality of listening.

* SoundShade is now FREE!
You can now listen to all of the sounds that come with SoundShade free of charge, with the option to unlock extra features.

*4 Brand new Sounds, part of the English Kitchen SoundShade.
Recorded in England and brought to your device; A Washing Machine, Boiling Pot, Frying Pan and Rain Outside a Window.

*Share you Shades.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

You can now share the shades you create with friends, family, colleagues or who ever you like with the new share feature.

*Descriptions of each sound and Shade.
Clicking the name of a preset Shade displays a description of each sound, allowing you to be really immersed in the nature of the sounds.

*Tweaked user interface.
It is now even easier to listen and create.


Distance and volume have been altered to give a more natural feeling of space.

*Optimized preset mixes.

iOS 8

The preset mix for each Shade has been carefully redesigned, in terms of positioning, making quick listening even more comfortable and effortless.

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