That's Going Straight In My Basket | Best Apps and Games 30 March,2020

That's Going Straight In My Basket

Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!! Put this app straight in your basket.

The OFFICIAL Anto Sharp app, performed by the man himself.

Put over 50 items straight in your basket, many of which you would not have heard before such as a juicy lamb shank!

Includes all the classics such as extra large salami, big bag of nuts and extra spicy sauce spread over 5 different soundboards.

Find out and watch what Anto’s top 10 favourite videos are in the dvd section.

Can you unlock Anto’s mystery prize by filling up his basket in the correct order?

If you want to easily listen to all of Anto’s classics, then swipe the top left barcode and reveal Anto’s originals.

This app is Jam Packed with Basket fun. Enjoy!

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tamer hassan

iPhone 6 Plus


iOS 8.1