The Build Battle : Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer | Best Apps and Games 8 October,2019

The Build Battle : Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer

The famous Mini Game: The Build Battle come to iPhone/iPad now!

The Build Battle is a game that many players playing in the same room, using blocks to build the subject provided by the server. When the game is finished, all players are in the same room one by one, reviewing the art work by this player, and if you like it please press “Like” button! You can not click “Like” for your own art work!

This game supports world wide multiplayer! Each room can has up to 24 players! You can play it with other players all over the world.

Also, this game has great graphics, as you can see in the screen shot. It also support SMOOTH SHADOW too. In the game, you can set the FOV, view distance and many options.

Simple controls:
– Touch DPad to move. Also you can choose the hide the DPad graphic
– Support Flying Mode

iOS 9

– Support build and dig buttons

Game Features:
-Support Flying mode, build and destroy block.
-Support rating system, click “Like” button to rate it

burl's creek

-Support many many kinds of blocks
-Well designed game logic

iPhone 7s


-Support customized skins
-Support input chat message during the game
– Support world wide multiplayer, each room can has up to 24 players.
– Great graphics, support smooth shadow. You can see the real screenshots below.

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