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TheManagedInventory (TMI) makes creating a home inventory easy.

To get started, take a photo of each item you’d like to record – personal valuables, furniture, electrical goods or artworks. Add a title, description and other details such as date of purchase, value and serial number. You can also add related documents such as warranties and receipts.

When you’re finished itemizing your home contents you will have an accurate inventory ready if you need to make an insurance claim, or to see whether your current cover is adequate for all the items you own. 

Your home inventory is beautifully presented on your iPad, and you can choose to view as photos organized into stacks, or in a practical list showing a thumbnail, item details and the total value of your items.

TMI also helps you keep track of insurance polices, create reports, maintain property information and more. For more information, visit the TMI website

Please visit for more information – including a complete table of contents – and to see what’s new.

We’ve added full support for the retina display – it’s amazing how much more clarity you have with your images. We’ve added localization for several languages as well.

The best part? from now through June 30th, 2012, the price for TMI is being reduced from the regular $19.99 (US) to $9.99 (US). This is a perfect opportunity for you find out how you can benefit from knowing what you have, where it is and finally be organized.

Localized language support for:

US English
British English



Includes address format, state names and size units for:


galaxy s10


iPad Air 3




Minor bug fixes, additional polish in some areas.

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