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Time and Tally

" Time & Tally” is the ultimate Timer and Tally solution. 

It has been designed specifically with the food service industry in mind. 

 "Time & Tally” is a 1 stop food quality timing solution. It allows the users to easily set up items and monitor, thawing times, secondary holding times, prompt staff to be proactive about suggestive selling products before they expire. 

The built in tally function allows users to easily and accurately record waste and generate reports in CSV format to enter in their own inventory systems. 

The setup section is protected by a 4 digit pin which is set up on installation and easily changed.  

iPhone 7s

Once in setup business owners can add unlimited no of items, categories, tabs ect and color code items so that they are easily identified in groups on the “Time and Tally " screens. (Free version limited to 1 Timer tab and 1 Tally Tab)

Item setup is as simple as add Name, take photo or select photo from library, select category and hit "add”. 


 ”Time and Tally” screens are arranged in a grid based layout and Items (54 max per tab) can be arranged to reflect the layout of your kitchen, menu or register.

All products can be exported to drop box or sent directly via email. Allowing a super-fast updating process across multi-site operations. 

This app can be used by a professional kitchen or by an individual in their own home. It is great for timing the defrosting, prep, warm up, cooking, and resting time of multiple dishes at once.

" Time & Tally " can also be used to replace cafe pull book , product build tool’s , pm schedules, prioritizing tasks , management tasks ect…

The timer and tally functions can be used for an unlimited number of purposes. If you need to time something or count something this app is for you.

To report issues, leave feedback or suggestions please email the team at: [email protected]

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iOS 8.1

Download generic settings and setup files at : timeandtally.com

Premium Subscription Details :
— 1 Month Free subscription.
— Unlimited Timers, Tallys , Tabs and Items
— Current tally reports as well as additional progressive daily weekly and monthly tally reports.

Premium upgrade bug fix
Improved report formatting
New current tally report
Improved onscreen report and 1 touch reset

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