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Volleez is a volleyball Emoji app, with over 75 volleyball characters and slogans. If you’re a Club Volleyball, High school, or just playing volleyball for fun, you will be enjoying, sharing these characters in your social media circle. Text, Email, Facebook, the list is endless.

The world of volleyball has been overlooked in the world of sports Emojis, now theirs Volleez. Volleyball characters for those that like the game of volleyball. Try them free for 7 days no charge, and if you like them you get the whole arsenal of characters for only .99cents

Spike one over the net in your next text or email with Volleez volleyball Emojis!
Volleyball players unite and tell the world that volleyball rules with Volleez! The very coolest Emojis ever!
Send Volleez Emojis in your SMS text, your emails, and anywhere post your social media! Show off your love and pride in the game you play, coach, or enjoy watching! These amazingly well created graphics and sweet characters will help you personalize your internet communications and feeds. The whimsical nature and expertly design of these Emojis are not only one of a kind; they will also let you tell the world that Volleyball is your passion! Download Volleez volleyball Emojis now and start spreading your love for one of the most fun games in the world!

Volleez Emojis Features:


• VolleyBall Emojis

iOS 8

• Fun and creative
• Expertly designed
• Colorful sports Emojis
• Professionally developed app
• Personalize your email, texts, and feeds

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• Tell the world that you rock and Volleyball rules
Volleez are fun and creative sports themed Emojis that proclaim you’re love for the best game in sports, volleyball!

iPhone 7s

Set up yourself and your team for a winning spike with Volleez!
WARNING: Volleez are fun and very addictive! Just like volleyball! The use of Volleez may cause involuntary smiling!

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