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ZoomNotes Lite

ZoomNotes Lite is an iPad/iPhone visual note-taking app. It lets you quickly make handwritten notes and sketches on virtual paper, on PDF files, on MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint docs (via GoogleDrive), and over images. Uniquely, it also lets you zoom in and out without arbitrary limits, an invaluable feature for this type of app. It has a free fully functioning pen (although you will be able to try the pens too), and more available as in-app purchases. It has unlimited paper sizes/styles, unlimited colours and line thicknesses, and a large range of ways to share its documents making ZoomNotes the most versatile handwriting/drawing app.

ZoomNotes is much more than a replacement for your trusted paper notebook!

Compatible with any capacitive stylus pen (although fingers work well too).

Free features include:

-1 Pen type – Felt tip.
-Unlimited Zoom
-Rotatable views
-Write over PDF file
-Write over MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel files (via GoogleDrive)
-Typed text- limited to a single font, fills and borders
-Regular shapes and arrows
-Symbol library
-Select, scale, rotate and shift
-Cut, copy, paste (including between documents, pages and other apps)
-Write over pdf files (markup)
-Configurable paper types
-Intuitive folder interface for documents
-Sharing as PDF files, images, videos or ZoomNotes documents (via email, iTunes, clipboard, Dropbox, Facebook,Twitter and Evernote)
-In app printing
-VGA compatible for use with projectors, monitors and AirPlay
-Universal app – iPhone and iPad
-iCloud support
-Pogo Connect stylus support
-Hex3 JaJa stylus support
-Adonit Jot Touch and Script support
-Wacom Fineline and Intuos 1 & 2. support
-Cregle iPen2 support

antoine griezmann

-Active stylus calibration (Hex3 Nota, Lynktec Apex)

In app purchases features include:
-7 extra Pen types, including Italic, Gel, Nib, Pencil and Watercolour.
-Sub-pages (pages within pages within…)
-Typed text- fully configurable fonts, colours, fills and borders
-Unlimited colours and line styles
-Bookmarks with animated playback
-Insert images from camera or photo library
-Insert web pages
-Insert videos from camera or photo library
-Edit inserted images, including masking and cropping
-Record and playback sounds, including import and export of caf files

There are lots more details including some videos of the app in action at zoom-notes.com

Please remember to leave us a review. If you wish, you can send us feedback directly, we reply to every email sent to [email protected]

If you experience any problems or bugs in the app, please email us your device information, which iOS version you are running to [email protected] and we will fix it asap.

Twitter – @zoomnotes

Fix for Text line spacing
Performance improvements
Better folder handling

Please help us – if you like ZoomNotes please could you leave a short review in the app store. If you have suggestions for improvements please email – we respond to everyone, (many of our features have been improved by emails from users). THANK YOU!

Also in Version 6
Pencil 53 Support
Support for Cregle iPen2
Wacom Bamboo Fineline and Intuos Creative 2 pen support
Evernote – export to evernote as images – this allows for searching your handwritten notes.
NEW ‘smooth’ option for Adonit PixelPoint stylus (Jot Touch and Script). Other active fine tip pens will have the option shortly.
DotPen support
Sub-folders for Documents, Templates and Symbol Library – folders within folders within folders etc
Saved Line Settings

iPhone 6s

Save Shape Settings
Improved editing of line colour, opacity and thickness
Page rotation 90, 180, 270 degrees
Open in… for jpeg and png images
Auto-backup system
Curvy lines for mind maps and diagrams

iPad Air 4

Re-worked eraser tool
Screen-capture tool

iPhone 6

Wacom Intuos Stylus support
Undo and redo for view changes (view/page)
Slow-smoothing for Fine-tip active stylus pens
One Drive (personal) support
Italic Pen
Tags for documents and pages
Linked Audio Recording to Drawing
Active Stylus calibration
Document covers.

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